What Makes You Smile?




It’s true, smiling is infectious. Smiling at those you pass should bring you a smile in return – well, perhaps a few questioning looks too!

June 15th brings us Smile Power Day and to celebrate Best Offers Bingo have revealed the results of their survey which asked 1000 participants what made them smile. Children came in top place with 7.4% of the overall votes closely followed by sunshine with 5%.

Here are the rest of the results broken down:


My children 7.4%

Sunshine 5%

My family 4.6%

Comedy 4.2%

Food 3.9%


Men Comedy 6%

Women My children 13.4%


18-24 My family 6.8%

25-34 My children 12.1%

35-44 My children 13.8%

45-54 Comedy 9.3%

55-64 Sunshine 9.8%

65+ Grandchildren 8.6%


England My children 7.6%

Wales My children 21.1%

Scotland Sunshine 7.2%

Northern Ireland Life 17.6%


So what makes you smile? Let us know in the comments.













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One thought on “What Makes You Smile?

  1. Very typical of the results but my children make me smile! It’s very interesting that people don’t say their partner makes them smile though!

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