A Nerd’s Confession: My Unconventional Dream Duvet Day

tania sullivan studying

tania sullivan studying


Evenings of the last few weeks have been spent with me cramming for my end of year politics exam. Not wanting to fall at the final hurdle of the year, I have been spending evening after evening memorising facts and names and hoping that I could answer at least three of the questions on the paper when the big day came.

Yesterday was the day itself and I braced myself as I entered the examination room. The next three hours would decide whether I had worked hard enough or not. We will find out within the next six weeks.

I am thoroughly enjoying studying but do find it a little stressful at times when the necessities of work have to be offset against the necessities of studying. With only 24 hours in a day, the juggling act becomes precarious to say the least. But as I sat in the examination room yesterday savouring the silence of the room – a commodity which is scarce in our house as you can probably imagine – I afterwards wondered what I would do if I did have a day of peace and quiet all to myself.

While many people relish the idea of a duvet day lounging on a comfy Eve mattress, I think mine would probably be rather different to most. I am quite pernickety about food in bedrooms – I hate it, in fact. I don’t watch much TV so probably wouldn’t be vegging out to a filmfest and my thassophobic tendencies mean I can get bored quite quickly. So how would a TV-averse thaasophobe who hates crumbs in the bedsheets actually treat a duvet day?



I would read. And much I think e-readers are probably useful when it comes to space saving issues, I believe there is nothing quite like the tactile act of holding a book and turning the pages yourself.

I do love to read and used to be an avid reader in my pre-kid days. Even as a young child it was one of my favourite things to do and I would often sit my teddies down and pretend to be narrating a Jackanory story to them. Now I am not a great fan of fiction but I do love reading non-fiction – history in particular. Oh, and politics – hence my choice of degree – but then, would that mean I am studying instead of relaxing?



I do love a bit of crafting. Again, it’s something I always loved to do even as a young child. My mum taught me to knit from a very young age and, while I am nowhere as near as talented as she is, I can pull something together relatively well. I taught myself to crochet last year and love it. In fact, I find it much easier than knitting and, being quite impatient, I love how quickly things can be created.



Another love from my childhood passed on from my mother who is secretly an extremely good artist. Unfortunately, she doesn’t give herself credit for it and it has been many years since I have seen her draw anything at all. Thinking about it, I have fallen into the same trap since having children. Between family, home, work and study there isn’t much room for other stuff, but if I did have a day where I could do whatever I wanted, I think I would pull out the pencils and drawing pad and see what I could create.



I have decided to add this is it technically isn’t the same as eating in bed as it doesn’t leave crumbs on the sheets. Cheating? No!


My laptop

I couldn’t not work. I couldn’t not study. I couldn’t think of something I wanted to know and not look it up. For me reading and writing is relaxing, whatever it is. I admit it, I am a nerd.



Okay, so maybe I am not a complete nerd. And if you parents are rolling your eyes thinking that you hear enough about Minecraft with your kids going on about it you seriously need to give it a go. I was in the same boat a few months ago. Every meal time was filled with talk about creepers and mods and lapis and diamonds. It was driving me mad. My pleas for other conversation – anything else – were begrudgingly met with short-lived attempts at alternative chat but Minecraft always won through.

Once day I decided to download it myself and find out what the fuss was about. At first I didn’t understand anything. I couldn’t use the controls and I felt like my nan might have done when faced with a mobile phone. Four months on and I am totally won over. The kids and I compare creations, we make grid plans, we watch Stampy Longnose together and we talk. And while they won’t admit it, I think they secretly think I am quite cool too.


So there you go! True to my habit of being unconventional and different even my duvet day goes against the grain. While it’s not your average duvet day, it’s my idea of heaven. What would your duvet day look like?







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