Five Tips For Raising A Larger Than Life Family

The Sullivan family in Cannes 2013

The Sullivan family in Cannes 2013


You don’t need enough kids to warrant a TV crew in your house to know what it is like to raise a larger than life family, both in numbers and personality. Of course, your kids are the best thing in the world, but that doesn’t mean that they are not hard work! Cooking cleaning, making sure they don’t stick their fingers in the plug sockets; you can’t take your eyes off them. Here are a few practical tips on dealing with large family life just in case you fancy making it a bit easier:


Organise, Organise, Organise!

With a family as big as you have, you cannot just hope for the best because there are too many variables that can go wrong. Keeping an eye on everyone is hard enough sometimes! The only way to combat it is to organise yourself and your family where everyone can see at a glance who is where, when. Keeping up with everyone’s different clubs, commitments and appointments can be a challenge so keeping it all written down is a must. Make a calendar of everyone’s schedules and keep it posted on the fridge or in plain sight so everyone knows the score.


Bulk Buying

As families grow, especially the children, it seems as though there is never enough food to go around and the cupboards are always bare. To keep them happy and their stomachs full, bulk buy your shopping for a week or two in advance. Bulk buying means you have a little extra time on your hands to go shopping, but better than that it saves you money more often than not.



If you have enough money or a spare room that isn’t used but moving house isn’t an option you could renovate for extra space instead. In a house with a large family, space is at a premium so take the opportunity to create more when you have the chance. Just imagine having two bathrooms and not needing to get up an hour early to have a shower! If this is up your street, get a professional to give you an estimate. For example, if you do want another bathroom companies such as Bella Bathrooms are a great and affordable choice.


Pitch In Around The House

What’s the point in having lots of children if they don’t pull their weight?! Only joking, but you can’t be expected to do everything without any help so get everyone to pitch in and do a bit around the house. Many hands make light work, especially when they are fifteen pairs of hands doing the cooking or the cleaning, and it helps to instil a good work ethic in them from a young age.


Tidy Up

Obviously, the house is bound to look like a bomb site now and then. You have several kids, what do you expect? But, everyone still wants a clean and tidy home. You need to find the middle ground, and the middle ground is to tidy up whenever you have the chance. You don’t need to clean deep every day but grabbing every opportunity to do something makes all the difference. It could be not going upstairs without seeing if there is something you can take up with you, or putting something away as soon as you see it, instead of thinking about doing it later.

Life for larger families is busy, but these tips should make life that little bit easier. What tips would you share?






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