5 Alternative Ways with Throws and Blankets




Using blankets on beds is so last year, or at least it is in this house. We have a wide collection of throws and blankets – with so many people in one house they prove to be extremely useful – but one thing that occurred to me is that they are seldom, if ever, used on beds!

Here are our top five uses for our family’s household essential:



We normally use four to six very large blankets to set our picnic spot. We have a selection of cheap yet durable fleece blankets which have withstood the test of time. They are a good size, are soft enough to sit on comfortably without being scratchy and, importantly, wash up well. Because they didn’t break the bank to buy we don’t worry if food and drink is spilt upon them but thankfully so far we’ve had no issues getting them cleaned up.


Building a den

As this is a family blog it’s not just about what we adults would do with the blankets. That’s not to say that I haven’t sometimes considered building a den for myself where nobody will find me. That’s what they little ones think when they build theirs, seemingly forgetting that a considerably sized fabric structure in the middle of a far less than considerably sized room is actually quite obvious.


Playing ghosts

Another one for the kids, not us parents, in case you needed me to clarify that. Well, sometimes, at least!


Covering the furniture

13 children + one big white sofa = a necessary need for plenty of throws and blankets to cover up and protect said sofa… especially when oldest daughter Stephanie comes to visit. Her clumsiness alone creates more spills than the other children combined.


avoca mohair Simply snuggle

Sometimes, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as putting on a film, settling down with the family and snuggling down into a luxurious, soft blanket (like this Avoca Mohair Throw in Sky from House of Fraser). The perfect accompaniment to peace and quiet… for a little while at least!












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