Holiday Essentials for Less: Our Summer Fashion Bargain Haul Uncovered

Woman holding shopping bags

Woman holding shopping bags


Our family generally sticks to two shopping seasons when we will do a big shop for each family member. Every spring and autumn we will see who has what, who needs what and what items are still in good enough condition to be passed down or kept, and then we’ll get hunting to buy what we need for less. Once everyone has their staple wardrobe I then spend the rest of the year looking for the next season’s big shop. This way we manage to get great quality clothes for a fraction of the price all year round.

At this time of year we are obviously revamping the wardrobes in preparation for warmer weather and, as we prepare to embark on our travels in search of the sun, we have been hunting the web for the best products at even better prices.

We began at House of Fraser with their wonderful kids collection. We love the clothing line here because of its longevity and good quality. This means that often clothes can be passed down from one child to another and they’ll still be looking as good as new. With twin sisters just 13 months older than her, Isobel is not short of outfits that they have outgrown. Occasionally, it’s nice to treat her to something that’s brand new and just for her, so when I saw this Uttam Daisy skirt reduced to half price within the House of Fraser collection of girls skirts I just couldn’t resist:

house of fraser uttam daisy skirt


I couldn’t leave the site without visiting the swimwear section too. Knowing how warm it will be in Italy even now, and knowing also how important it is to keep young children safe in the sun, I was drawn to this lovely little Pumpkin Patch Rash Set for Tim:

House of Fraser Pumpkin Patch Shark Rash Set

We were given the opportunity to try out European children’s clothing retailer Lamaloli and I have to be honest, I didn’t know quite what to expect. We had never heard of the brand before and I was not sure as to the quality of the clothes.

I am not normally a fan of great slogans and pictures on clothes, and that is the kind of thing that Lamaloli specialises in. I don’t mind Disney though and am quite partial to Hello Kitty so was pleased to see these on offer. Sizes on Lamaloli go up in 2 year increments and, as Libby in particular is quite tall and also as Bel is ‘a little bit tubby, to be honest’ as Mike puts it, we decided to opt for the 6-year-old size for the twins (even though they aren’t even four until October), and the 4-year-old size for 2-year-old Isobel.

Site navigation was straightforward and we received confirmation emails both on placing the order and also when it was dispatched. The order arrived very quickly indeed but it was the quality of the clothes that I was interested in. As it turns out I need not have worried at all – the quality was excellent! We were right to opt for the larger sizes as they fitted well, albeit with a little growing room, but they certainly didn’t swamp the girls as you might have expected them to. Here is what we managed to get for little over £40:






With three swimming outfits now covered it was time to turn our thoughts to swim safety. You can’t be too careful with children near water and we do love to visit beaches and lakes when we can so I wanted to look for buoyancy aids for the little ones. I made a visit to Swimshop who not only sell a terrific selection of swim caps and costumes for the whole family but also a wonderful selection of swimming aids, toys and teaching tools and bagged a Learn-to-Swim jackets at 50% off the list price for Tim, and Front and Back Pads for the three youngest girls:







It is all too easy to stay focussed on the kids but we parents need clothes sometimes too!  What you will often find at this time of year is that stores will reduce their winter stock as most of us aren’t thinking about buying for winter when summer is coming. Most people except our family, that is! We find this is the perfect time of year to buy next winter’s warm coats and jumpers so when I saw this Olive Argyle Men’s Quilted Jacket at Trespass at a steal, we had to grab it for Mike:



trespass argyle men's quilted jacket olive

Trespass also proved fabulous when it came to finding much-needed summer shoes for Harry too – these Mozzie Brown Sandals being another bargain at half the price:


trespass mozzie brown sandals

Even though we had one pair of shoes down we still had another 10 children to buy for. Our hallway often resembles this kids shoes ad by Brantano but I have to admit, the boxes do come in handy come Christmas appeal time! Seriously, this is how life looks in our house when it comes to shoes!



Still, only ten more pairs to get, I suppose!






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