The Most Romantic Destinations for an Exotic Wedding

Beautiful colorful cityscape

Beautiful colorful cityscape


Your wedding day is one of the most romantic days of your life, no matter where it takes place. It’s possible to be swept off your feet in your hometown’s church, a rolling vineyard in the countryside, or the local city hall. But many couples choose to take advantage of this day with a trip to an exotic destination. Warm sand, sparkling blue seas, and palm trees swaying in the breeze can really set the scene for romance.


Vashi JewelleryPlanning ahead

Before you hop aboard a plane to reach your destination of choice, you’ll need to get the finer details right. This includes choosing a dress and ring as romantic as your wedding backdrop! Whether you prefer dreamy botanical engravings, diamond florals, or a straightforward solitaire design, you can get some ideas at Vashi to sort out that all-important detail first. With that in mind, on to a few of the world’s most romantic getaways!



Do you want an all-inclusive package at a relaxing seaside resort in the Caribbean? Try planning a wedding in Jamaica, known for its golden sandy beaches and lush greenery. You can pick and choose from a wide range of budget-friendly package deals that will take care of every tiny detail for you, ensuring that your guests have a blast while you say your vows. Whether you prefer to exchange rings on a mountaintop, in a fragrant garden, or on the beach at sunset, you’ll have plenty of options.



A classic European getaway, old world Italy conjures up visions of romance with its famous artworks, sun-drenched Mediterranean coastline, and picturesque countryside. Get married under the Bridge of Sighs in Venice, on the glamorous island of Capri, or in a Tuscan vineyard. No matter where you choose in Italy, you can be certain that the catering will be top-notch!



From Cancun to Cozumel, Mexico boasts no shortage of stunning beaches and villages to choose from. You can opt for the all-inclusive resort experience, or tread off the beaten path a bit for a more rustic beachside wedding. Explore ruins, go snorkelling with sea turtles, and enjoy the friendly and welcoming attitude of the locals. From beach to jungle, a wedding in Mexico is truly an unforgettable experience, and you can potentially get more for your money here.



Brides and grooms from around the world are discovering just how diverse the landscape is in the land down under. Australians know how to throw a party, so you’re guaranteed a lively reception and big welcome. And although it’s often associated with big waves and sunny beaches, you can also find microclimates reminiscent of the Mediterranean, with lush vineyards and even snow-capped mountains. Although the plane ride may be lengthy, Australia has a lot to offer as a major wedding destination. The Blue Mountains in Queensland, the idyllic islands of the Whitsundays, and the epic scenery of Tasmania’s hidden coves are all good places to start.

beach-champagne-clink-glasses-2145-825x550When it comes to planning your next destination wedding, you’ve got the world at your feet. To get started, it helps to determine how far you want to travel, and whether you prefer a resort-style holiday or a DIY affair. Use this as a jumping-off point to exploring all of these destinations, to find the best fit for your special day!









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