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Father’s Day in a large family always makes me chuckle. It can be really tricky to find so many different things for the kids to give as a gift when there are so many kids to help! Of course, the children are desperate to show their Daddy just how special he is. There is no way you can suggest a joint present between them. Over the years, we have collected several ideas for loving gifts that children can give to their fathers. Read on to see what might be right for you this year:


Cards – Most of the children love to make their own cards to give to Daddy on his big day. The smaller ones don’t mind just painting a picture of themselves with Daddy and then signing it. At that age, you only really have their attention on a task like this for about five minutes. Keep it simple. Some kids love to throw their hearts and creative souls into card creation. They may stick on little cardboard cutouts of Daddy, or cover the whole card in glitter. The important thing is to sit down and spend the time with them to help them create what they want. Invite an adult friend and their kids over, and see what you can all create together.


Origami – As a gift, origami animals are perfect. The children can spend time reading instructions and getting the folds just right. Buy a couple of different origami books so that you are covered for each age group. The folding may be trickier for small hands, so be prepared to chip in and possibly finish quite a few!


Cress Hair Daddy – This one will need to be set up a couple of weeks early. Fill some old tights with soil from the garden. Mix in some grass seeds, chive seeds or cress seeds. You’ll need to pull out a section in the middle and wrap with a small elastic band to make the nose. The children can stick on lips and eyes then wait three weeks or so for Daddy’s hair to become full. It’s great fun to keep cutting the hair for up to six weeks too.


Photo key rings – If your children love taking selfies on your smartphone, why not upload the images to a photo website? You can then order mugs or keyrings for Daddy bearing little one’s image. These can even be replaced each year with the latest photo to keep Dad’s keys up to date.


Father’s Day wine – The older children may be interested in buying Dad a good old fashioned bottle of plonk. It’s also a good gift for you to give your husband for his big day. You can use an online store like Serenata Flowers to find plenty of lovely gifts. They can then all be beautifully presented for a special occasion like Father’s Day.


Big party – Father’s day doesn’t just have to be shared with the kids. Your parents may be interested in sharing the day. You could make it even bigger by inviting lots of the extended family over for a big family gathering. This may be extra work for you, but it’s great fun having everyone together. The kids will love it, and your husband will certainly appreciate the extra attention.


New clothes – Clothes are quite easy gifts to buy for Daddy as a Father’s Day gift. You can let the kids buy something cheap and cheerful like new socks or a tee shirt. Alternatively, pick something special like a sweater or jacket. In a big family, the adult’s clothes are always down the list of priorities at the mall, so there will always be something he needs.


Day of pampering – With so many kids around, it’s easy to share the chores out. Create a chore list for the kids so they can tackle all the jobs Daddy would normally do. Include some special ones to give Daddy a little bit of a treat. Things, like serving him coffee in his favourite arm chair, or fetching his slippers, will make him smile. The kids will find it lots of fun, and Daddy will find it quite charming that he can be spoilt rotten for a day.


Newspaper – This one is a firm favourite for the older kids. Using a simple word processor, the children can create a newspaper with lots of made-up stories about the family for the day. Their imaginations run wild as they come up with various events and activities that they can report on. There is always a sports section, with the kids taking it in turns to be the winner. One of the stories depicts Daddy as the hero in some disaster scenario. Of course, that makes the front page. Print it out, roll it up, and deliver to his armchair.


Pretend gadgets – Perfect for the children that love inventions. Creating a cardboard remote control that works in mysterious ways is enormous fun. They can stick on buttons and decorations, and have lots of fun playing with it. Whether Daddy gets to have a go is a bit hit and miss!


Apps – Kids in their teens are incredibly savvy when it comes to their smartphones. They seem to know about every app going. Let them choose one that Daddy might like and install it on his phone as a gift. It may be a game, or it may be something productive. Whatever it is, it’s bound to be something fun for Father and child to enjoy together.


Knitwear – Children are so imaginative they can put their minds to making almost anything. For those that enjoy knitting, they may want to make Daddy a scarf or even a pair of lounge socks this Father’s Day. Less technically able kids can use the wool to make Daddy a special friendship band – the Daddy band!


Children are so sweet at times like Father’s Day. All they want to do is make their Daddy happy and show him how much they love him. Do all you can to help them tell their Daddy how special he is. You know Mother’s Day will be just as awesome.








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