Summer Sleep Tips: 3 Simple Ways to Beat the Heat

yellow bedroom 2

yellow bedroom 2


There are few of us who don’t welcome the longer summer days and sunshine they bring – though some might argue not often enough! However, earlier mornings and later evenings can play havoc with the children’s body clocks. A combination of light mornings and evenings together with hot, sticky nights can sometimes be a nightmare to deal with, with the lack of sleep leaving both parents and kids tired and grumpy.

There are just three simple steps that you can take to solve these issues and bring back the sleep routine that everybody’s body clock so desperately needs. All of these changes are quick, easy and focus on the room – the root of the problem – rather than the children themselves.


Step 1: Clear the clutter

It’s easier to unwind when clutter is at a minimum. Ensure all toys are put away well before bedtime comes around so that distractions are kept hidden.


Step 2: Get the bedding right

Cotton sheets are ideal for keeping cool so make bed a comfy haven. Also, switch the duvet for layers of sheets and light blankets that can be added and taken away as needed.


Step 3: Fit Duette®blinds

Okay, so we’ve cheated slightly with this one. You see, even though it requires you to take a single step, fitting Duette® blinds actually tackles a host of those summer problems.

Available in a wide range of colours to suit any décor, the child safe blinds come with three transparency options: translucent, semi-sheer or, for the ultimate blackout option, opaque. You can even choose to mix and match the fabrics to allow your room to benefit from the gently diffusing glow of light during daylight hours, and the 100% blackout benefits of opaque come bedtime.

Not only do the blinds prevent light from entering the room but they are also effective against noise, reducing external sounds by up to 45% – perfect if the early birdsong is prone to nudging the little ones from their sleep!

Created as the original energy saving blind, the unique honeycomb design of Duette®blinds aids their insulating properties, allowing them to help keep rooms cooler during warmer months while also preventing valuable heat loss by up to 46% during the colder months – how is that for year-round climate control?! The benefits of the honeycomb design doesn’t stop there either, with them being far easier to clean than conventional slatted blinds.

Duette’s® effective, practical, aesthetic and hassle-free blinds can help everyone have a restful night’s sleep – whatever time of year! Find out more at










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