Travel Nostalgia: The History of Package Holidays

Vacation Concept. Spain. Beach Costa del Sol. Mediterranean Sea

Vacation Concept. Spain. Beach Costa del Sol. Mediterranean Sea


Contrary to popular belief, having a large family doesn’t mean an end to sunshine holidays in faraway places. There are so many ways to create your family’s perfect trip abroad whether you arrange your transport and accommodation plans separately or opt for the completely hassle-free package holiday option.


A child of the seventies, package holidays were still relatively new when I was young. Our family took its first holiday to Spain in 1977 I think, when I was short of three years old. It’s interesting to see how they’ve grown over the years!


Always suckers for a touch of nostalgia, we loved this video by My Voucher Codes which shares the history of the good old package holiday. It feels as though they’ve been around forever but can you take a guess at how long they have been going for?



Was your guess right?








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