How to Encourage a Young Artist


Whether your child has decided to start drawing cartoons, your friend is becoming an oil painting protégé or your sister is showing signs of being a super talented sculptor, you will want to encourage their new hobby. Having an artistic pursuit as an outlet improves the mood, aids mental development and encourages creativity in other areas of life. So as a mother, sibling, or friend, you will want to do all you can – here are a few tips on what you can do to help.


Buy them the Best Equipment

While the old adage ‘a bad workperson always blames their tools’ may be correct, it is also true that artists can become frustrated with low quality equipment which holds them back. Nice new artistic tools can make the creative experience more enjoyable and help overcome problems they may be having with lower grade equipment. The act of buying art supplies which help their hobby also speaks volumes about your support.


Take Them on Arty Days Out

As well as the right equipment, an artist also needs inspiration. A visit to a local art gallery can provide lots of ideas about subject matter for their art and different techniques they could try to adopt.  As well as galleries and museums, there is a variety of other places you can go to give inspiration. A walk in the country may get their creative juices flowing so could a visit to the cinema.


Display their Work

A great way to show your support is to demonstrate how you are happy to have their creations adorning your home. Go a step further than simply sticking pictures to the fridge, splash out and get pictures framed. You could share their creations with your friends on social media. There are also services such as Zippi which allow you to print original designs on to mugs, jigsaws, canvases and other products. Having such prints done would show great support and make fantastic birthday presents.


Give Constructive Criticism

Rather than giving pleasing comments such as ‘that’s nice’ or ‘I really like this’ (although these are fine) it is more helpful to really engage with what they are creating. Suggest ways they could improve or expand on areas that you like. This will encourage them to develop and show that you are taking a real interest.


Encourage Trying Unfamiliar Media

Always promote broadening their horizons. If they are using acrylic paints, suggest they have a go with oils, or if they drawing portraits see how they get on trying their hand at landscapes. They may be enjoying what they are doing but it is always good to try new things.


Look Out for Courses

If they are showing real natural talent it may be a good idea to enrol them in a local course or hire a tutor to help them hone their skill. If they are resistant to this it may be because they do not feel they are good enough, this is where the previous points of encouragement come in.





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