7 summer essentials for every girl’s wardrobe




The sun’s come out to play! So we know is it is definitely time to prepare for the nice weather, as it has already caught us by surprise this April. Whether you are planning on spending the summer in the UK or going somewhere a bit more exotic, it’s important that you have all the summer essentials in your wardrobe to make sure you look good this summer. Here is a list of must have summer essentials that you should own in your wardrobe:


Sandals are a must have in the summer months as we don’t want our feet getting too hot and sweaty. It’s important you have a pair or a range of sandals that will go with the outfit you are wearing whether they are wedged, opened toe, etc. tReds have lots of suitable footwear for the summer, especially if you like the laid back Californian style.


Floaty dresses
are a must have for the summer months. Choose one with Aztec patterns or gorgeous bright florals. Great colours to compliment your tanned skin tone are black and white maxi-dresses. Black is always a good shout as it is flattering to our physique!


Denim short-shorts
Denim shorts are a must have as they go with pretty much everything, they come in all different sizes and denim shades and range from low to high prices depending on the brand. You can be as daring as you like with denim shorts in terms of length.


Crop tops
Crop tops are mega-trendy and will keep you cool when the weather is hot. Teamed with a cute necklace, this simple look can be very easy to pull off. Crop tops also look great teamed with a long maxi skirt, some say crop tops reveal too much flesh and by wearing a maxi skirt you are avoiding this.


Perfect to layer over your crop top, kimonos are a popular item of clothing at music festivals and are ideal for when there is a light breeze so that you don’t get cold. If you are wearing a patterned top, don’t wear a patterned kimono and vice versa, as they can clash and it’ll look too much.


A girl can never have too many bikinis, right?  There are some pretty gorgeous bikini designs out there at the moment, so you might struggle deciding which to buy and end up purchasing a fair few. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. In the summer we more or less live in bikinis, therefore the more we have, the less often we need to do the washing!



Important to keep out the sun and cover up your hangover from the night before, sunglasses are a must have. Rayban are still as popular as ever and complement most face shapes, these are a safe option!










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