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This might not surprise you but having 13 children has meant that the free time Mike and I have is rather limited. Despite this though, we still always make sure we get to spend some time together as a couple, as we believe it’s important to give yourself the chance to relax every once in a while, even if it’s for just a quick coffee.

If you are lucky enough to have childcare for a little more time available, you can recharge your batteries and spend some quality time together with a break away before going back to being full-time parents.

So if a little break sounds like something you need, or even if you’re just looking for a few ideas for a holiday away with your partner, in this post you’ll find some suggestions you should consider.


 The Paradise Option

Just for a moment imagine sitting in the sun on a quiet with white sands, gentle azure seas, a refreshing cocktail in your hand and your partner by your side. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Well, make this a reality and book a trip to somewhere like the Caribbean or any of the tropical paradises you’ve always dreamed of visiting. A few years ago we got a package deal to the Bahamas and it was like a scene from a postcard, absolutely picture-perfect and amazing weather to boot.


The Relaxing and Interesting Option

Just sitting in the sun all day is brilliant but isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So to get a winning combination of having the chance to relax but also getting to experience new things, then you can’t go wrong with a cruise. Cruises allow you to visit numerous counties and interesting locations and then take it easy when sailing between each one.


The Deluxe Option

A perfect choice for a short break is to splash out and indulge in a spa weekend. You only need to do a quick internet search and read a few reviews to find something posh and, better still, nearby.


The Improvised Option

A final idea for you to try is to throw a little caution to the wind, travel to another country and hire a car. You can really let your hair down here as you journey between stops taking in amazing sights and sounds in different nations on the way. Definitely one for risk takers though.

The best part of course is once you’ve enjoyed this break with your partner, you’ll go back to your family feeling refreshed and ready to get back to enjoying your time with the children. So take on board some of our ideas and choose the well-deserved holiday you’ve more than earned!


















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