How KLM is making family-friendly flying even friendlier with Bluey

KLM Bluey 01


KLM Bluey 01


We are huge advocates of family travel, believing strongly that there is no greater way for a child to learn about the world around them than by experiencing it for themselves.

Given the number of children we have that are still very young, we currently find it much easier to load up our minibus and get driving to our European destination. We have already made plans to start plane-hopping further afield just as soon as our youngest (whoever it might be!), is old enough to be out of a buggy.

Children love to travel – or at least ours do – but I’m quite sure that even for them taking their first flight might be cause for some nervousness as well as excitement.

Dutch airline KLM already offer an impressive service when it comes to family travel, providing special assistance if required, free children’s meals on intercontinental flights and reduced fares for all children and babies. All children over the age of 2 can also register as a Flying Blue member which allows them to collect air miles.

Now KLM have also introduced Bluey, the adorable little aircraft who, through a new series of short animation films, will become a familiar and comforting face to little travellers everywhere.

Little ones can get to know Bluey as they follow his adventures. Familiarising children with Bluey before flying with KLM is a great way to appease any nerves they may have as they will recognise their new friend at the airport and on board as he pops up. And if you are not planning on flying any time soon, your children will soon be asking when you will be!

The first in the series, ‘Bluey and the Flower Parade’ has been extremely popular with our younger ones who have watched it several times already. See it for yourself right here:






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