The Best UK Summer Family Holidays

British Wellington boots on the beach


British Wellington boots on the beach


Looking for somewhere to go with the family this summer? Well, why not try and do something a little different and holiday in another part of the UK? Not only is it a lot cheaper, but you will no doubt have more than enough of a chance to marvel at the stunning views that are on offer during the warmer months of summer. There are many places to choose from, but if you are looking for something extra special and family orientated, then here is a list of destinations and activities to choose from:



Home to such resorts like Torquay and Brixham, Devon is a staple for the outdoorsy family with its gorgeous beaches and boat trips. Devon gives the sense of a perfect UK beach holiday, which makes it great for kids who like to venture out to explore the shallow lagoons; and for when they tire from the beach, head out to the adventure park, The Milky Way farm.



Another popular choice is Cornwall, the beach destination that rivals Devon with its luscious sand and clear waters, ideal for the avid surfer! However, this is not the only reason to head to Cornwall; along with this, horseback riding, and camping are also on offer. One thing is for certain however, you will definitely need the right gear for such activities; fortunately, e-outdoor offer some of the best outdoor wearables and gear, perfect for this outdoor adventure!


Isle Of Wight

With this destination, Isle of Wight is the definite epitome of family adventure here in the UK. From the Dinosaur Island where you can take a fossil walk with the family, or even to the beautiful bike trails, there really is something for everyone at this holiday location. Be sure to check out the Isle’s Little Canada, deemed as its absolute hidden gem for great water-based activities to keep and your kids fully entertained.

As you can see, choosing to holiday in the UK can be just as exciting as any tropical destination; and for a fraction of the price! Your children and you will keep busy with a wide range of activities to choose from, all the while gazing at the idyllic views of our own country. So go out and uncover what our own country has to offer, you will not regret it!








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