Factors to Think About When Choosing Your University

Factors to Think About When Choosing Your University 3


Factors to Think About When Choosing Your University 3


Choosing which university you are going to study at is a massive decision. It is no exaggeration to say the decision will shape your future. As well as the career path you go down, it will also determine the friends you make and perhaps where you will live for years to come. With this in mind, here are some elements to consider when making that all-important choice.


The Course you are Looking to Study

This should go at the top of your list. Once you have made the decision on which course you think you will most enjoy and will help you on your career path, look to which university offers the course. There may be universities which offer courses which are similar but not exactly the one you are looking for, if that is the case, speak to representatives from the department and ensure you will get out what you want from the degree.


Reputation of the Department

Look into the reputation of the department which runs your desired course. The better reputation, the more you are likely to get out of the course and the more employable you will be with the degree on your CV.


The Extra-curricular Opportunities

It is a good idea to consider the offer of the student union which is connected to the university. As well as the social opportunities which unions provide, they can also have great connections to the world of work. The university itself also might have connections to organisations which will help you on the career ladder before you even finish your degree.


Quality of the Campus

You can tell a lot about a university by walking around for a day. Take full advantage of open days organised by the university. This will help you a great deal in imagining yourself at the institution in the future. Think about what you want to find out about the university before you attend the open day and ask any questions which are not answered in the presentations.


Accommodation Available

An important element of your university experience is where you live. Some universities have their own fantastic accommodation, elsewhere it is best to live in private apartments such as those provided by Urbanest. Use your time visiting on the university open day to explore the accommodation available. Think about your budget and what is important to you (facilities, location, who you live with, etc.).


Remember that your university experience is often what you make it. So do not put too much pressure on yourself to make the right choice. Do all the research you can and remember, if you are not ready to make such an important decision, take a year out.














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