11 Ways to Encourage your Child’s Creativity

eddie teaching sewing


Eddie teaching Paddy and Libby how to sew
Eddie teaching Paddy and Libby how to sew


It has been said, probably for the last 50 years or more, that television is hampering children’s creativity. I’m not sure how true this is but with people now spending less and less time away from screens, there are perhaps fewer moments in which imagination can flourish. But creativity is an important aspect of a child’s development and should be taught the same as any skill. Creativity is not just important for someone who wants to work in the arts but helps in all industries and areas of life. Here are some ways you can help your child’s creative development:


Introduce them to Relevant Artists

Certain children can only be excited by things that they can relate to or can relate to things they are interested in. If your child is a fan of the Roald Dahl help them become familiar with the drawings of Quentin Blake or it they are into dinosaurs, study pictures such as these prints and try and replicate them.


Buy them an Instrument

Visual art is obviously not the only art form. Creative people often like to express themselves in a variety of ways, so buying your child lessons on an instrument will encourage them to channel their creativity in another way.


Encourage Alternatives to Screen Entertainment

Putting a ban on screen time is often not the best way to go about encouraging your child to use their imagination (it will make the allure of television stronger). Instead, think of alternatives that they will enjoy which they will hopefully find more fulfilling that television watching.


Get in the Art Supplies

If you offer your children lots of options in the way of artistic materials they will find their own preferred method. Stock up on different types of materials from a supplier such as Artifolk and encourage them to enjoy the process of finding their favourite art form.


Read to them

This has been proven to spark their imagination and also set them down the right road of a lifetime love of books.


Find Inspiration in Nature

Get out into nature as much as you can and let them make their own fun in the parks and fields.


Capitalise on Film and Television

If they do like a particularly television series or film, get them to apply their creativity to their fandom by drawing pictures of the characters or making up their own storylines.


Teach them about Food

Don’t forget that baking and cooking is a form of creativity. Teach them about the different flavours and fresh produce which goes into their meals and you might have the next Anthony Bourdain on your hands.


Encourage Made-up Games

If they are playing games which involves their imaginations encourage it and ask questions to let them know you are interested.


Feed their Curiosity

When they do ask questions about things, be patient and if you are struggling to come up with the answer, see if you can find out together.
























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