What’s the Most Important Thing Your Mother Taught You?





Originally marking ‘a day in praise of mothers’ on the fourth Sunday of Lent, and a day when maids and servants were granted time off from serving their masters in order to visit their mothers, Mothering Sunday is here again. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums reading this!

Many will stop to fuss over the women who birthed us, raised us and still worry about us while others are desperately missing their mothers no longer with them.

There is nothing like becoming a mother yourself to understand your own mum better. How many times did I say to myself that I would never repeat a phrase she had said, only for me to roll my eyes in response because… well, what did she know anyway? And now, yes I do say those very same phrases. Mostly the one where, after doing something they shouldn’t have done, I’ll wish upon the child in question a child of their own just like them.

That used to be my mother’s favourite phrase (well, one of several actually) and what do you know? I got Steph as a daughter. (Just kidding, Steph! I said it because I know you read this! *Ahem*).

Best Offers Bingo recently surveyed 1000 people asking the question: ‘What’s the Most Important Thing Your Mother Taught You?’

The results are:

Manners 9.9%

Honesty 6.5%

Love 6.1%

Respect 5.1%

Kindness 4.1%


While I would definitely include those – there was no way my mum would ever tolerate bad manners, rudeness or lying in any way shape or form, she also taught me other vital lessons in life too. She taught me how to manage money, how to knit, how to cook and how to enjoy food. She taught me the last one particularly well and my hips can prove it!

As a mother I want to teach my children good morals and values, to be honest, diligent, kind and determined.

What is the most important thing your mother taught you, and what do you hope to teach your children?






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