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There’s no doubt about it, we all enjoy jumping in the car and getting away from the daily grind every now and again. One way to do this is to plan a road trip. If you’re in the midst of planning a self-drive summer getaway, it’s important that you have the right car for the job – you need space, comfort and of course a bit of added style.

So, we have listed the top four family cars you should be looking at this season, ready for your summer family holiday:


1. The Jeep Cherokee

The new Jeep Cherokee is a step in the right direction when looking for that perfect family car. Its stand out looks and superior equipment, not only makes this SUV fully functional but also ultra stylish – just because you’re a parent, that’s no reason to ignore style! After just a few minutes of being behind the steering wheel, you’ll know that this car was built for comfort and with 1,267 litres of space in this car; you have ample room for all the kids’ toys.


2. SEAT Leon Hatchback

This well built hatchback not only looks great but is also fun to drive – you and your partner are guaranteed to be fighting over who will be behind the wheel! This car is also really economical so there is no reason for you to spend your entire holiday budget on fuel this year. With its huge boot and great amount of space in the back, this is a great family vehicle.


3. Ford BMAX Mini MPV

If you’re looking for family functionality but in a smaller, easier to drive car – then this is the perfect choice! With its big sliding doors, it’s super simple to get your kids car seats in and out without hitting your head on the roof – don’t worry, we’ve all done it. With its superior air conditioning and interior comfort, this car is perfect for those long journeys.


4. Skoda Yeti SUV

This SUV has been a huge hit with its owners because of the superior driving experience and excellent engine performance. With its overly large boot and spaced out interior, you are guaranteed to fit just about every toy your children own in this vehicle – but, hey, at least you can guarantee a peaceful journey!


Choosing the perfect car for your family summer holiday can be a complicated task, but with a huge range of small and large vehicles available at pretty good prices, you’re guaranteed to find that ideal car that makes your holiday just that little bit better.











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