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star stable

star stable


While we usually try to keep everyone occupied with toys and crafts, there are some days where we’ll let the kids play on the computer or their Kindles for a couple of hours as a treat. The older and middle ones enjoy playing Minecraft and could talk for hours about it, while the younger ones are fond of animal games. The girls seem to be going through a horse phase, so virtual horse games are always a good way to distract them.

One horse game that they are particularly fond of is Star Stable, a game which you can download and play for free up to level four. The twins are only three and Bel 13 months younger so they’re still very young meaning they aren’t as speedy on the computer as the game sometimes requires them to be. This doesn’t stop them from having fun while completing tasks, as they’ll rope either Dad, Mum, or an older sibling in and ask them to lend a hand with the arrow keys while they point out where they want to go. Despite being so young, there are moments when they are able to control the horse for short periods of time, and they really do enjoy the game.

Star Stable is different to some online games in that rather than playing it in your browser, you log in, download it, and play through the installed program. The game is free until you get to level four, after which you do need to pay to become a Star Rider. Don’t worry – this can be done every month, three months or six months, or as one Lifetime subscription.

The girls love trying to collect as many Star Coins as possible, and you can cash in this currency to become a Star Rider. Alternatively, you can use real money as well as the Star Coins to become a Star Rider.

Star Stable is better suited to older children who can confidently use a keyboard, but they’ll have hours of fun at a very low cost. Some of the things that you are able to do include quests, discovering new places, conversing with other people, looking after your horse and buying more, championships, and make or be in a club. It really is like owning a real horse (well, almost!) – but for a fraction of the price!



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