8 Tips for Writing Great Essays

pad and pen


pad and pen

Learning how to write good essays can make a difference between mediocre grades and great results. Developing essay-writing skills even further will result in terrific grades.

Here are some top tips to creating great essays every single time:


Set aside time

You can’t write up a half-decent essay in a rush. Make sure you begin work on it well before your deadline. Leave yourself plenty of time for the following steps, breaking them down into hours or days. Creating a timetable will help you to allocate your time efficiently and keep you on track.


Understand the question

Read and re-read the question several times to make sure you understand it. Look at what it tells you to do; do you have to ‘analyse’, ‘evaluate’ or ‘assess’ something? Each instruction asks you to do something different. Make sure you understand what you have to do in order to provide the correct answer.


Do your research

Research your topic thoroughly. Don’t use guesswork or opinion unless your essay asks for it. Use reliable sources and double-check any information you aren’t quite sure about. It’s worth looking at examples of similar essays to see what were and weren’t acceptable standards. Visit the following essay service for examples that you can refer to.


Make notes

While researching keep note of information and facts that you can refer to later but always ensure they are relevant to your essay subject. Don’t veer off course or use up any word count with irrelevant information.


Plan it

Every essay needs a beginning, a middle and and ending – you might choose a bullet point list or a mind map to make a note of what you will include within it.


Start writing

Your introduction should briefly tell the reader what your essay will do and how you will do it. The body of your essay comprises the main part of your work and takes up the bulk of your word count. Wrap it up in your conclusion with a round-up of the points you have previously made.



When your essay has been completed step away from it for a while. Going back to it after an hour or two allows you to read it with fresh eyes and spot any mistakes you might otherwise have overlooked. Check punctuation, spellings and the general flow of the article.



Once you are satisfied with the essay overall, it’s time to carry out any formatting that is required. If you are asked for a Word document in 12 point Arial font, don’t submit it in a 14 point Comic Sans. Ensure your name is clearly included on each page, and that the pages are numbered. Once you have completed the steps and are satisfied that your essay is as good as it can possibly be, it’s time to submit it. Well done!


Writing great essays is a skill but one that can be developed easily. Follow the steps above for great essays every time!








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