Should You Get a Robovac for Your Home?

Vacuum cleaning robot in action


Vacuum cleaning robot in action


Getting extremely tired of cleaning your home with a broom or an upright electric cleaner? Well, maybe you can opt for a robovac instead.

Robovac, or a robotic vacuum cleaner, is one of the newer types of cleaning appliances that can be found on the market. This technological marvel promises to efficiently collect dust and make it easier for you to maintain your home, even when you are busy. However, this handy cleaner is not made for every type of household. Some families may find it convenient to use, while others may think that it is just a waste of money. If you are not yet sure if you need a robotic vacuum cleaner or not, check out this short post first before heading to the stores.
1. It has a small body

Usually, robovacs have a smaller frame compared to your traditional cleaners. This will allow you to clean every nook and cranny of your house, without breaking a sweat. However, its petite body is like a double edged sword. It cannot collect large amounts of dirt, so you have to replace its dust bin for several times during your cleaning session.
2. How many floors does your room have?

Unfortunately, these new devices do not have the ability to climb stairs and reach elevated places. A robovac is efficient for small houses or studio apartments with one floor. However, this cleaning machine is not that heavy. If you house has a second floor, you can just pick it up and bring it there. Just be careful that you the machine does not fall on the stairs.
3. Lifestyle

If you are busy with work, it will be really hard to squeeze some serious cleaning session in your tight schedule. Thankfully, a robovac is intelligent enough to work without your supervision. Most models have detectors that prevent them from bumping against walls and other obstacles.

It can also detect the amount of dirt inside the room, and it will not stop until t has collected every speck. The machine can map out its path, so it will not waste its battery and clean in just one area.  You can even schedule its cleaning times. And when its battery becomes extremely low, the robovac will automatically go to its charging station.
 4. Price

Unfortunately, all the features of a robovac come with a hefty price. If you are planning to get an advanced cleaner with more features, expect that you will also pay more.

Do you think that the robovac is right for your home? Share your thoughts in the comments section!












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