Futureproof Your Kids with Overseas Study

Students with globe


Students with globe


The kids are growing up. They’re hairier, louder, smellier than they ever were before, increasingly demanding, and they’re more worried about their cell phone ringtones than going to college. Sound familiar? Reserving a precious moment in between selfies to talk about further education can be difficult, but if you want to give them the best opportunities in life it pays to get them listening.

Studying abroad is one of the best ways for young people to widen their horizons and pick up valuable qualifications. In the fast moving global society we live in, a good knowledge of different places & cultures can give young people an invaluable head start on their future career paths.


Studying in the UAE

With such a strong economy that continues to thrive, these emirates are a promising place to study and graduate. You will find American branch universities and colleges that specialise in high-demand fields, such as engineering and computing. Living in a city like Dubai is also a major draw! The amazing shopping, burgeoning dining scene and welcoming weather make this part of the world a place you’ll want to visit the kids in.


Studying in Europe

European colleges often cost less than American ones and they are keen to take a high quota of international students. European colleges thrive on diversity. Course styles and teaching will vary from country to country, but you’ll find plenty of programs that are taught in English. With some of the finest (and oldest) universities in the world, Europe is a great place to study and American students are always made to feel welcome.


Studying in Australia

Australia’s cities offer a vibrant and relaxed lifestyle with their festivals, urban buzz and outdoor activities. Australians are also famously passionate about sport! If considering a course of study in Australia, take time to learn about the country’s visa system and the differences between working holiday visas and study visas. Australia has vast deserts, wild mountains, sun-kissed coastlines and ancient rainforests, so those with a taste for adventure will never be bored.

With literally thousands of undergraduate programs to choose from all over the globe, choosing the right course of study comes down to gathering as much information as possible and planning ahead.









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