Review: Britains Big Farm Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal



Anyone who knows us has heard about a lifelong dream of ours to someday move to a remote part of Ireland and have our own little family farm. Luckily for us, the kids really love animals, whether that’s down to us talking about it so much or the children just being naturally into them. Several times a week someone will ask us for a dog, pig, cow, horse, lizard, parrot, or some other animal. In fact, they’ve asked and been denied a dog so many times that they ‘train up’ the youngest child to crawl and bark like the real thing!

While we’ve had our fair share of pets over the years, we’ve never had the opportunity to keep one of the most requested animals: a horse. Luckily, second best from the real thing is a toy replica, and in particular is the Britains Big Farm Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal. It’s a 1:16 scale plastic copy, and is brilliant for allowing the children’s imaginations to go wild.

There are so many features on the trailer, including a hitch, jockey wheel, drop-down tailgate which doubles as a ramp, and an opening side door. It’s great for encouraging sharing and playing well together as there are two horses included, as well as the trailer, but is equally as good when being played with independently! The kids are sure to put into use several times a day, playing with it nonstop while making up scenarios for their horses and working their other toys into them. It is incredibly interesting listening to the things that they come out with while playing, and with a toy such as this that has endless possibilities, they really are imaginative!

For children age three and over, it really is sure to become one of their favourites. Perfect for indoor and outdoor play, easily transportable, entertaining, and extends the imagination – what more could you want?

Buy your own Britains Big Farm Horse Trailer with Horse and Foal from Amazon here (RRP: £26.49)



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