Bath Times: So Much More Than Just Splashing Good Fun

Johnsons baby



Johnsons baby


Bath times at our house can sometimes resemble something of an assembly line: one child goes in, comes out and is swiftly followed by the next child who goes in, comes out and is swiftly followed by the next… and on it goes. I often consider inventing some kind of a sheep dip model for children in large families to make the process easier – I am sure it would be successful.

One thing I do love is the freshly bathed smell of a new baby – is there anyone who doesn’t? It reminds me of the scene in Everybody Loves Raymond where the grandfather stands over the twin babies’ heads, breathing in deeply and exclaiming that he’s ‘sucking in that youth!’ It always reminds me of savouring the freshness of downy soft newborns after a bath – it’s one of those smells I am sure I would never get enough of!

There is more to bath times than simply getting clean. We all know the effects that low lights, bubbles and a little me-time with nothing but peace and quiet have on the soul.

Let’s not forget too, the importance of bath time when it comes to discovering scientific principles – although I would like to point out that it is unlikely that Archimedes ever cried out the word ‘Eureka!’ given that the word doesn’t exist. It is far more likely that he cried out ‘Evreka!’ (with a ‘v’ after the E instead of a ‘u’), which means ‘I’ve found it!’ in Greek.

So you see, bath time isn’t just about getting clean. Now you know one interesting fact about bath times (sort of), here are some more following research from Johnson’s for their global campaign to highlight why bath times are #somuchmore than we might think they are:


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Want to see how bath times actually aid your baby’s development even further? Take a look at this adorable video and see why this already special time is actually so much more…




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