How Parents Can Effectively Prepare Their Children For School





Starting school is a big change for most children; it can be both appealing and frightening at the same time for them. Preparing a child for school in advance makes them less anxious and more confident about starting school. Below are ways which parents can effectively prepare their children for school.


Preparing the child emotionally

Ask the child what they think about starting school in order to know if there are any concerns you need to address. Let them know what to expect and encourage them to ask questions about school. Children fear new environment, it may be helpful to visit the school together before school officially opens.  If possible, ask to meet the teacher. Let the two get to know each other. The child may be more reassured if they know there is a reliable person at school too.


Teach the child life skills

It is important to teach the child basic skills that will make their life and their teacher’s easier. For example teaching them how to eat independently, dress themselves, to sit still and listen and to use the toilet.  Teach the child to make friends by teaching them how to introduce themselves. It might be a good idea for the child to have friends who will be attending or are attending the same school. Encourage the child to voice their needs and concerns to adults so that they may get help in school when they need it.


Preparing the child academically

According to services where you can buy essay, you can improve the child listening skills by reading to them. Read to them as often as possible choosing a wide variety of topics that may interest them. If possible teach the child to hold a pencil and write their name – if they find this difficult find fun ways to help them at least recognise their name. Look for fun, practical and playful ways to teach them numbers and the alphabet.












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