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car key in hand


The law requires everyone to insure their vehicles regardless of how old the vehicles are or how often they are used. Some geographical areas are more severe than others when it comes to the level of cover you need, and insurance policies also differ depending on the type of car you have the ages of the drivers. Before you get started with insurance for your car you need to consider some of the necessary questions that will relate to the type of cover that you’re going to get for your car.

If you already happen to have car insurance for your vehicle, how do you know that you have the best possible cover for you, and that you have the best possible premium as well? This is why you need to make sure that you are always on top of your cover, and looking at other possible covers to make sure you have the best one. There are most reputable companies out there, and your chances of getting an insurer who isn’t going to cover you for damages is minute, but it’s always vital to make sure that you’re thorough in your approach to assessing your level of cover. There are also a lot of comparison tools out there which do a lot of the hard work for you in terms of comparing different types of cover.


How to compare car insurance

This section is dedicated to helping you to choose the different levels of car insurance that you’re going to need for your vehicle. Look closely here if you don’t have car insurance currently, or if you have never had car insurance before.

You can choose from a variety of different types of car insurance cover including:

  • Third party car insurance, where you are covered for damage to other people’s cars only, but aren’t covered for damage to your car. This is a less expensive type of car insurance and is usually used by people who have cars that aren’t as expensive or up to date as others, and is for people who just want the basic level of cover.
  • Comprehensive car insurance which covers both damage to your car and to the cars and property of others, and also covers you for losses or damage to your car due to fire, theft or natural disasters.
  • Emergency roadside insurance which is sometimes included as part of your car insurance policy or which can be purchased as an additional premium component of your insurance, depending on who you are insured with.


It’s important to be thorough and to think about what kind of car insurance cover you’re going to need for yourself. If you have a nice and expensive car and know that the amount of money you’re going to be paying for insurance is worth it for replacing or repairing your car, then it might be best for you to choose a comprehensive car insurance policy. If you know that you have a fairly cheap car and that the price of comprehensive car insurance isn’t going to be worth it for the price of fixing or replacing a part on your car of the whole car, then perhaps a third party car insurance policy would be best for your needs.

Once you are aware of your options you can try to figure out what kind of insurance you want. Some insurers will offer you better deals if you don’t drive the car very often or if you keep it garaged or not, so make sure you ask these questions too!

















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