3 Awesome Tips to Modernise Your Flat or Apartment

Interior of modern living room with beige corner suite



Interior of modern living room with beige corner suite


Is your flat or apartment looking a little run down? Do you feel like it seems a bit too old fashioned? Maybe you’d like to change all of that. You might feel it’s time for a more contemporary look or just fancy a change.

No matter how new your home is you may feel like it could do with an update. It’s important to give your home character whilst also maintaining comfort and practicality. Take the time to study current trends, or at least get an idea of current styles and designs.

Changing up your bathrooms by adding easy access showers, for example, can leave your place looking much more modern. Now you may want to avoid a remodelling job and still maintain the same effect. You can make your apartment or flat look more trendy, more modern and more appealing by just making a few small changes. You will be amazed at the effect that a few basic alterations can have on your home.

Here are three awesome tips to help you modernise your flat or apartment without costing you too much money.


Painting is such an important but often underused facility. A certain colour or tone of paint can completely transform your apartment. Make sure that you decide on a colour scheme and stick to it. Make it consistent throughout your property.

Painting is something that you can do yourself with ease. It is something that won’t set you back a lot of money and can have the biggest impact of anything that you do. Use clean block colours to give a smart, trendy finish throughout your flat or apartment.

You can breathe new life into the rooms of your home just by using a lick of paint. You may decide to go for a blue and white scheme. Or you might favour brown and cream. You should take your furniture into account when deciding what colours to use and how to use them. You can even consult an interior designer, or use magazines to find out what the popular colour schemes are right now.


If you have any hanging lightbulbs and tired looking lampshades get rid of them. They may serve a purpose, but they also make your home appear more dated. There are more modern techniques that you can use in the lighting of your apartment or flat.

Use natural light as much as possible. This may mean altering your furniture or the layout of your rooms, but it will worth it in the long run. Natural light will give the illusion of more space whilst also making your rooms bright and airy.

You can add in spotlights for artificial lighting. Make sure they are dimmable so that you can alter them when necessary and they can work with the natural light. You will be amazed at how much difference natural light can have, especially when combined with a new paint job.

Replace Furniture

One of the principal offenders in making your flat or apartment seem boring, and old fashioned is the furniture. A sofa that is a little tatty or a chipped worn out coffee table can drag down the rest of the home.

Replace your old, used, boring looking furniture with something more modern. Leather sofas are great, as are corner sofas. Consider going with a glass coffee table for a classier look.

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