Review: The Go! Bottle by Water-To-Go

go! water bottle

go! water bottle


We loved Water-to-Go’s previous bottle, and their new release is just as good. It’s accurately named the Go! Bottle, and is brilliant for taking on your travels.

It’s marketed towards pregnant mums-to-be and new mothers, but after receiving the bottle, we saw no reason why it should be restricted to one group of individuals. It works much like the original Water-to-Go bottle, ridding the water of 99.9% contaminants. It holds up to 50cl, so is perfect for anything from a workout session to a long car drive.

Similar to the original Water-to-Go bottle, it’s very lightweight and is ideal for travellers or people who prefer bottled water over tapped. You’re able to get the same results in this as you would in a branded bottle of water, for a fraction of the cost!

Water bottles are always handy in our house because we often go on picnics or days out, so it can get expensive if we need to buy water from a shop. We’re not limited to where we can refill the bottle, as it works with any water with the exception of salt water.

The filter in the bottle lasts for around two months, and cleans up to 130 litres of water, so you definitely get good use for your money. When you fill up the bottle for the first time, you push a button which then sets of a ‘timer’ to let you know when you need to replace your filter. This bit was incredibly handy, as with so many things demanding our attention, it’s easy to forget simple things like when to order a new filter.

Buy your own Go! Bottle (£12.95) from the Water-to-Go site here.

We’re giving away one Go! Bottle, so click here to be in with your chance to win!



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