How to arrange living room furniture

living room furniture


living room furniture

The living room can be justly considered the ‘face’ of your home, which is why designing it carefully is an important and complex task. Of course, it would hardly be possible to come up with fixed design patterns or universal tips on how to arrange living room furniture; yet, based on the total space of your premises and the overall style of your apartment, it is still possible to consider several wide spread design options.


The classic look

If you are aiming for the soft, traditional look with wooden furniture, nice curtains and mild arrangements, symmetry is the key. In a classic, traditional living room it is crucial to arrange furniture symmetrically. Choose the object that will be the primary eye-catcher in your room – a TV, fireplace, a sofa, and make sure that it is perfectly visible from any angle of a given room.

Also, it is advisable to preserve the symmetry while arranging the objects. The classic pattern would be to include two arm-chairs next to the sofa; try to stick to an even number of accessories, etc.


The high-tech style

Here, you will have more space for imagination. With the high tech-style, practically any furniture arrangement will go. You can arrange the objects in either symmetrical or asymmetrical way, experiment with bold accessories, and even include several ‘eye-catchers’ in one room.


Cosy corners

One more way to arrange your furniture in the living room would be to draw the attention to the corners of your room. Such an arrangement is perfect for those who love corner sofas and lots of space in the middle. Moreover, if your room is not particularly spacious, you can benefit from such an arrangement.

If you need more insight into living room accessories and potential furniture arrangements for your living room, feel free to visit for more ideas! has plenty of suggestions for a variety of styles and design patterns. Plus, the pictures will help you to visualise some basic arrangements.























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