Review: Quick Cakes for Busy Mums

Quick Cakes Cover

Quick Cakes Cover


Mums everywhere will know how difficult it is to find time to do some baking. If they have an hour or two, it will usually result in a tasty but plainly decorated cake.

Quick Cakes for Busy Mums by Karen Taylor is perfect for these kind of situations. The cakes in the book are beautifully decorated, and are quite simple to recreate. They’re realistic, not requiring huge amounts of fiddling round, instead having one or two main features and meeker surroundings. For example, a cake for a baby shower has a rice crispy duck on top of a two tier iced cake. For an 18th birthday, a rice crispy pint, accompanied by a snooker triangle and pint cookies.

There are Christmas cakes, christening cakes, doll cakes, soldier cakes, and even a handbag cake. There really is something for everyone!

Don’t worry, if you’re an absolute novice at cake making or decorating, Karen Taylor talks you through. Her explanations and thorough and detailed, as well as easy to understand and follow. The cakes are brilliant for a family project or to do by yourself.

Our favourite is the Bright as a Button birthday cake. They whole cake looks too pretty to eat, and the edible buttons look too realistic. The prize feature is, of course, the doll. It looks like a less scary and more appealing version of the doll from Tim Burton’s Coraline. We might have to make it for Isobel’s second birthday this month – although there are no promises that we’ll be able to make it as beautiful as Ms Taylor’s!

This book definitely does what it says, which is providing quick cake ideas to busy mums. You won’t have to worry about leaving a cake half-finished because you have to dash off on the school run, as these can all be done as and when you have time. When you’ve got the hang of the moulding, you’ll be able to assemble cake decorations in no time!

Quick Cakes for Busy Mums, is available direct from the publisher at and all good book stores.



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