Creative ideas with The Paint Book and The Pencil Book

Paint Book

Paint Book



We’ve spoken several times about how creative some of our children are, whether it’s sticking, cutting, knitting, sewing painting, drawing or any other craft: you name it, they love it! So when we discovered that Frances Lincoln LTD Publishers were publishing two new books revolving around paint and pencil crafts, we knew they’d be a hit.

The Paint Book provides loads of fresh ideas using equipment you’ll probably have in a craft box already. Some of the most ingenious ideas are the ones which use random objects which would have ordinarily been tossed straight in the recycling, such as empty water bottles and kitchen roll tubes. It included ideas for painting with different objects, such as pinecones, hairbrushes, and pipecleaners, as well as crafts that can be done individually or as a team.

The Pencil Book is similar to The Paint Book, but as the title says, uses pencils instead. There are a variety of pencil games and crafts, with everything from plant markers to hidden pictures. This one is filled with fantastic ideas for long car journeys, keeping kids occupied and you sane!

Miri Flower, author of both books, makes sure that they are filled with projects that are suitable for children of all ages, with or without adult supervision. It’s great for all the rainy days we’re sure to get now, giving your children a creative outlet and keeping them busy.

Our children were enthusiastic at all the new opportunities and new ideas they were able to accomplish. It’s nice to wind down a day of schoolwork by chilling out and doing a couple of crafts from the books, and they’re all really proud of what they made, either together or by themselves.

You can buy your own copy of both The Pencil Book and The Paint Book from Amazon and all good retailers.


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