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Online bingo games have taken over the entire gaming world. Global internet penetration has been the most important component of online bingo growth in the gaming market, making it a big source of entertainment to players. However, the side effect of this is player’s addiction eventually leading to fatigue.

Bingo games have been a big source of attraction for millions across the globe, with its engaging gaming elements and an extensive social experience. The dynamic transition from land based bingo to online bingo games in the 21st century has marked a noted phase for the gaming industry.

Twenty years back, the games were played at large bingo halls and reserved just for the elderly people (especially women). However, the introduction of online bingo has changed the concept entirely by enhancing the participation of gamers irrespective of their sex, age and nationality. The high speed action of online bingo games, flashy graphics and big money jackpot prize games seems to have been a big source of attraction for players. Now, even men love the idea of enjoying a quick flutter of bingo games and hitting a bingo on the big valued jackpot prizes.

The latest trend to have stormed the industry is gaming via mobile devices. Bingo fun can now be played at your finger tips via smart phones and Android devices. Off late, there are some bingo sites that have initiated the concept of playing bingo from mobile too. The option facilitates an easy access to the games and players do not have wait till they get back home to play. These days, majority bingo sites have equipped this option mobile bingo.

Off late, so much is the probing of gaming into our lives that some players have begun experiencing fatigue. In spite of enjoying loads of benefits like prizes, fun, entertainment, socializing and much more, there are players who are not too happy about the fact of considering bingo games as a good pastime. In my opinion, all of us at some time or the other would have come across players who have shared their unpleasant gaming moments.

Yes, these highly appreciated games at times have been criticized by some of the avid bingo players. And, there are numerous reasons associated to this kind of behaviour. Below mentioned are few points considered to be reasons for turning game lovers into game haters.

  • A high level of addiction in bingo gaming can create a lot of trouble to players and to their families as well. Heavy betting on games lead players into big debts.
  • At times, there are players in chat rooms that annoy vulnerable players with extensive use of abusive words and sometimes seek sexual favours too. They deliberately mention sexual remarks or ask personal questions about sexual life, preferences, sexual jokes and stories against the will of the other person. Such incidents traumatize players.
  • Another reason is the existence of fake bingo sites. A lot many bingo sites are not genuine and if they get a hold of your credit card/debit card details, they can use it to fund to their own activities.


Just like every question has an answer, similar is the case for this too. The aforementioned stated do have solutions too. Below mentioned are a few precautionary measures that can help you avoid such situations:

  • To avoid over spending at bingo sites, players can fix up a deposit limit by consulting with the customer service. This option can be fixed on a weekly basis as this will help players to spend only up to a particular limit.
  • Always read the terms and conditions carefully prior to the registration process. Players should have proper information about the license and software provider of the site. Alongside this, it is important to know about the deposit and wagering requirements as well so not to indulge in any hassle during withdrawals.
  • In case of any nuisance caused at the chat rooms, players can seek assistance from the chat host or refer the issue to customer service. They will certainly take care of your concern.


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To sum up the above, I would just say that anything in excess is dangerous, same is for online bingo games as well. To ensure a safe and secure gaming experience, keep a watch over your time, effort and money spent on the online bingo games







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