Here comes the Autumn





We are facing a mix bag of weather as the trees are shedding off their leaves by welcoming Autumn. We might move around abut in case of rains, we will have to be in the warmth of our homes. I am happy to have a supportive family with whom I get to spend a good amount of time. So, you could guess that having a personal time is actually in my kids hands. Once they are tucked in their beds, well me and hubby get some time in our hands. We might watch a good TV show or catch up some news that we missed out. But as they say when it comes to having a good time with yourself you need to have something to be passionate about.

Like any other family, we have our share of interests to indulge in. Bingo has been one of the interests which is close to my heart, my hubby finds it quite distressing with all the loud calls and shout outs. I don’t blame him, I don’t like cricket much especially the team am supporting has a big loss.

One of my favourites is GameVillage Bingo, a fun bingo site to play with. You could visit it here, a fun site where you get to enjoy special deposit bonus when you make your deposits here. But what makes this different compared to others is that it has it’s own Forum. The Forum is like your social media site where you get to share your thoughts, your likes and dislikes as well. The forum is just one of the many reasons that you would look into. One of the other reasons, you would want to join is the Bingo Radio, where the music lives on with no commercial breaks at all. Non-stop music where even the DJ gives away goodies. You could even have your friends joining in and have the extra zest when they become your virtual neighbours. Yes, you heard it right! You could send them gifts or free cards when ever you feel like or participate in special home party promotions. Definitely this site makes you feel that you belong here, a lively neighbourhood with fun chat hosts.

If you want to enjoy the Autumn indoors, you know where to head off to GameVillage Bingo – the fun online bingo site that would make you fall in love with bingo. As they don’t believe in just giving you a fantastic game to play with but also a fantastic environment to thrill in.


This post was written by Jane who is an active mother-of-three. You can find her writing about cooking, fitness and travel – usually with the kids in tow!

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