Stem Cell Therapies – Destinations, Costs and Options

Laboratory research of cancer diseases,  rack with RNA samples


Laboratory research of cancer diseases,  rack with RNA samples


Stem cell therapy has become increasingly popular especially among older people and those with various illnesses. The popularity of the said treatment has soared so high, there was even a time when people deemed it as the ultimate cure for diseases. Internet search for Stem Cell therapy clinics in Thailand and other countries were very high during that period. People think of this type of therapy as a wonder drug that can heal any and all illnesses. That is why it is very important to do your research and ask your physicians about the real nature of stem cell therapy/treatment. As more and more people became aware of what stem cell therapy really is and what it does, including its limitations, they have become more realistic when it comes to expectations on this medical procedure. Currently, bone marrow transplant is the only form of stem cell therapy that is being widely used in the world. Although there are researches being done to prove stem cell therapy’s effectiveness on health issues concerning the heart, brain, diabetes, orthopedics, infertility, etc. Other forms of this medical procedure are still on the stage of research; hence they are not considered as primary medical treatments.


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We all know the value of regular exercise and fun activities that can help keep the whole family fit and healthy.  Most of us eat a healthy diet and keep an active lifestyle in order to remain in great shape. Some take it a step further by undergoing preventive measures such as stem cell therapy. There are plenty of those who believe that this procedure is great in preventing various diseases and illnesses. They believe that this is a proactive approach in keeping oneself healthy.

If you are considering this revolutionary medical process, it will surely interest you to know about the best places to undergo this medical procedure. Naturally, you would want to have stem cell therapy at the most reputable hospitals and/or medical institutions. Below, you will find some of the top destinations for stem cell therapy in the world:


  1. Germany – It’s certainly not surprising to learn that Germany is one of the top countries when it comes to stem cell therapy and research. This country, after all, is already considered as one of the top medical destinations in the world. Germany is known as the leader in stem cell research and development in all of Europe.


  1. Singapore: A top medical destination in Asia
    Singapore: A top medical destination in Asia

    Singapore – The Lion City can undoubtedly be considered as Asia’s stem cell research and development center. This country has attracted the best scientist from around the world because of its government’s strong support for this revolutionary medical procedure. That is one of the reasons why Singapore has become a top destination for stem cell therapy.


  1. Turkey – Turkey’s high number of JCI accredited medical institutions make this country one of the leaders in stem cell therapy and treatment. Patients coming from different parts of the world will surely find the advanced state of stem cell research and development here as one of the best in the world.


The cost of undergoing stem cell therapy varies from country to country. It would be recommended that you do your research first to have an idea on how much budget you’d need when you go to a certain country for this type of therapy. You must always keep in mind that stem cell therapy is still a very young medical procedure that is continuously being studied by scientists and medical professionals; hence, it must not be treated as something that can cure every disease.
















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