5 Tips for Returning to Work After a Break





As your children grow older and become less dependent on you, you may decide that the time has come to return to work.

Getting back into the workforce can fill you with mixed feelings of excitement and nervous anticipation rolled into one. Here are eight tips on making the transition back into work as easy as possible:


Be confident

If you took time out of the workforce in order to raise your family, the thought of returning to work can leave you doubting your abilities. Rather than waste time worrying about the skills or experience you think you may have missed out in during your time away, focus on the additional skills and experience you have acquired instead. Perhaps you’ve become more aware of the needs of parents since becoming one yourself, or you have had the opportunity to deal with a wider range of people than you would have done in your previous job role. Has parenting helped you hone your multi-tasking skills? When you think about it you’ll probably be surprised at how widely your skill set has expanded and how beneficial it can be to you now that you’re heading back into the workplace.


Get searching

Use job search sites such as to see what employers are looking for and what you can offer. Job sites such as Trud.co.uk also advertise a range of training opportunities as well as thousands of job vacancies, making it the perfect option if you want to brush up on your skills or learn some new ones. The job market may have changed significantly since you were last in the midst of it so take this new start as the perfect opportunity to take your existing experience and skills or gain new ones, and make that move into a whole new field.


Be smart

Now is the time to give yourself a work-ready makeover. Update your work wardrobe with a staple set of clothing that is easily mixed and matched to create several professional outfits which can be worn for interviews. A new hairstyle can work wonders for your confidence, but make sure it’s easy enough to manage to make getting out of the door on time as stress-free as possible.


Be prepared

Get your CV updated and polished up. Make sure you sell yourself, including any relevant skills or experience you have but don’t lie or embellish! Keep your CV clear, concise and preferably under 2 pages in length. You want to give enough information to get a prospective employer interested but you don’t want to bore them with lengthy reams of irrelevant detail and information.


Do your homework

You have an interview lined up and you’re understandably nervous. Learning a little about the company you are interviewing with and familiarising yourself with is a great way to ease the nerves. It will also give the opportunity to decide whether they really are a company you want to work for or whether you’d prefer to look elsewhere.


Often, the thought of doing something is far more nerve-wracking than the actual deed itself and returning to the workforce is no exception, especially after a break. What tips would you add to the list to make returning to work as simple and least daunting as possible?
















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