How to Find Cheap Accommodation in Barcelona

Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain


Park Guell in Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one of Europe’s most popular cities. Its visitors include everyone from arts and culture lovers to families and those looking for a party. Food, music, art and history are all abundant in this vibrant Spanish city. Famous for Gaudi’s architecture and the city’s football team, Barcelona is a city not to be missed on a trip around Europe. But as with many major European cities, finding somewhere cheap to stay can be a challenge. Luckily there are several options for affordable accommodation in this great Catalonian city.



The first option in Barcelona is the go-to choice of many backpackers and solo travellers: hostels. Hostels are great if you want to meet other people while you travel or if you’re on a very tight budget. They aren’t the best choice if you like a bit of privacy, but if you’re in the city to socialise and party then hostels are ideal. Many have communal kitchens, which can help you save even further by allowing you to cook your own food. Eating out is expensive and cooking for yourself can cut back on costs.


Bed and Breakfasts

B&Bs are between hostels and hotels. You’ll have a private room and be provided with breakfast in the morning, but you sometimes have to share bathroom facilities. There are no frills with a B&B, but you will get a good night’s sleep and a meal to keep you going when you wake up.



When you’re travelling on a budget, you might rule out holiday apartments as being too expensive. But with the rise of apartment booking websites, where people list their spare rooms, entire apartments or second homes, it’s easy to find a bargain. Finding inexpensive apartments in Barcelona is a breeze when there are so many people looking to share their homes. Renting an apartment is an excellent way to feel like you’re really experiencing the city like a native. You have a proper home to stay in, instead of one room in a hotel or just a bed in a hostel. It can cost you barely anything, especially for a longer stay when you can split the cost with a larger group.

Budget Hotels

If you prefer to stay in a hotel, where there are more facilities available to you, you can find a budget hotel. These won’t be anything fancy, with a pool, gym and swanky restaurant, but they’ll still do the job. They’re one step up from hostels and B&Bs, but won’t quite provide the same level of comfort as a 5-star hotel. Some of the cheapest hotels will be 2-star hotels, which won’t always be available on major booking sites. You can find a cheap 2-star hotel that’s in the city centre, so you might be compromising on service, but not on location.

Plan a budget so you know how much you can spend and how much you need to spend on accommodation. It’s best to budget for more than the absolute minimum you can get away with paying, just in case.












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