The Top Five Reasons To Invest in a Mark Todd Rug For your Horse

Todd Rug


Todd Rug


If you’ve just bought a horse or you’ve noticed that the temperatures have dipped and that it is more than a little chilly outside, you may be considering investing in a rug for your horse, such as a Mark Todd rug.  Some people have very little information about Mark Todd horse rugs, therefore, we’ve put together a handy guide to ensure that you have all of the information that you need in order to make a decision regarding your investment.  Here are out top five reasons to invest in a Mark Todd rug for your horse below.


1.       They Keep Horses Dry

In Britain, our weather is a bit more than unpredictable!  At any time of year, you never know when a rain storm could occur.  Horses which are kept dry tend to be healthier and happier and will be far less susceptible to colds and diseases which could be life threatening for your horse.  A Mark Todd horse rug will keep your horse dry even through the wettest weather.  Make sure that you invest in more than one so that you can replace a wet Mark Todd rug easily when needed.


2.       They Keep the Horse Warm

Mark Todd rugs can be a lifesaver for your horse, keeping them warm against the harshest winter weather.  Whilst it is true that horses are able to withstand the cold more than humans, they are not indestructible, and faced with cold winters like we’ve had in the UK for the past number of years, there could be tragic consequences if they are left alone to face the cold.  A Mark Todd rug will give them added protections against the winter weather and will keep your horse happy and less susceptible to illness.


Todd Rug 13.       They Are Affordable

Think of it this way – could you afford a huge vets call out fee every time your horse develops a cold or an illness as a result of being left out without protection from the cold or rain?  We didn’t think so.  Buying a Mark Todd rug or two should be thought of as a low-risk investment and will cost you far less in the long run than vet bills will.  You can pick up some great Mark Todd rugs from top UK retailers at discounted prices, which will barely cost you anything.  The price is definitely worth it to keep your horse happy.


4.       They Are Attractive

There’s something about a Mark Todd rug that makes a horse look more attractive.  A horse that is clearly loved and looked after with an owner who cares enough to buy a rug will look far better stood out in the field than one that is left cold and wet in the winter.  Mark Todd rugs are available in a number of different styles too which means you can buy them in colours and styles which suit yours and your horses personality and tastes.


5.       They Can Reduce Grooming

Horses left without a rug will naturally develop a long winter coat, which not only makes them look like they’re a bit unkempt, but will also require a lot more grooming to remove tangles and to keep them looking in shape for a show.  Mark Todd rugs can limit the amount of winter coat growth by providing an alternative to their natural defences.

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