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little rusty teddy bear


little rusty teddy bear


The children’s bedroom becomes a place that we dread cleaning sometimes. When our kids are young, however, it is one of the most exciting rooms in the house to decorate and furnish. It is because we always want to give them the best things in life, and an awesome bedroom is top of the list. We have a chance, when we undertake a decorating and redesign project, to introduce some elements to the scheme that will make our life easier in the long run too. I know; that sounds too good to be true, but think about the design carefully, and you could save yourself a lot of backbreaking work and keep the place clean and tidy at the same time. It seems like a bargain to me.

Here are some design ideas you may like to include in your project. Some are expensive, and some not so. Read on and see what you think.



The ultimate solution for bedroom storage is sliding wardrobes. Section off one end of the room with some beautiful, floor to ceiling sliding doors. Now, you may think that will make the room smaller and yes it does, but it also gives you a cavernous space to put all of the toys and clothes out of sight. When you put everything away neatly, it will seem like the room is bigger than it was previously. A neat room will help the children to get to sleep at night, it is all part of the calming bedtime ritual that so many of us put them through in the evenings.

Captain’s beds are still a very popular choice. There is plenty of room for storage below because the bed is high. Some of the beds have a cupboard and drawers built in, or there are other options from which you can choose. You may choose one with a small sofa, or desk; all of these things help you make the most of the space available.


Laminate Flooring

Some people find this flooring surface to be cold and unforgiving, but is an ideal solution for a child’s room. Do you have to vacuum the floor in there every day? Carrying the cleaner up those stairs every day is a chore, I’m sure you agree. With a laminate surface, use a soft broom and a dustpan that you can keep in the sliding wardrobes. Sweep the dust up once a day and your job is done quickly and easily.



The decor in the room must be attractive and practical.  If you are painting the walls, always use a top quality silk emulsion. You cannot wipe dirt fingermarks off matt paint, but the silk surface comes clean easily. Do not be tempted to paper the walls, you are making too much hard work for yourself. The little monsters will find the tiniest piece of paper that is loose, and start peeling it off. Before you know it, you must redecorate, and that is more hard work.


I hope you have found these ideas useful. I employ them myself and find that I spend less time cleaning and tidying the room than I used to. Those wardrobes hide a multitude of sins.

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