Why heritage homes make the best properties for families

3d small people - glass house


3d small people - glass house


Heritage homes have style and substance. They make a statement about the owner that cannot be achieved by a standard contemporary development so if you don’t want to live in a modern box but want space and elegance instead then a heritage home might be for you!


Elegance in Middlesex

London is undergoing a property revolution. House prices are on the increase, as are the expectations of homeowners. The contemporary house buyer wants a home that looks beautiful but is easy to manage and has all the amenities that will make it stylish and practical.

The range of new homes Stanmore has to offer  fit the bill perfectly. This leafy corner of Middlesex boasts beautiful period buildings that have been renovated to the highest architectural specification.


Modern necessities are important in period properties

There was a time when living in a period property may have denoted a bucket placed under a leaky roof. Thankfully if you invest in a renovated property you needn’t fear this outcome.

One of the advantages of buying a heritage property is that all the inconvenience of age is removed by contemporary remodelling. Over 60% of UK properties are over 50 years old. Heritage homes are suitable for busy professionals as well as those with young families and those of retirement age.


Choosing the right location

If you are thinking of moving to a refurbished, heritage home make sure that you choose the right location. Obviously if you have children then good schools and parks are a necessity. North London, in particular, has an abundance of parks.Most people, who choose to live in one of the outer boroughs of London do so because of the community atmosphere and safe feeling of these neighbourhoods.

The listings magazine, Time Out, runs regular features on London areas, and this is a great place to carry out some research. Local newspapers will also give you a feel for the area.



If you are looking for easy access to shops and there are none in the immediate vicinty, then make sure that the area has good transport links or a good taxi service. Most parts of London are within easy reach of a tube station  so reaching a shopping area should be fairly straightforward.


Once you’ve assured yourself that your new home is in the right location then you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy your new property.















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