Review: Nokia Lumia 520

nokia lumia 520

nokia lumia 520


With technology changing every day and phones being one of the most expensive and used examples, we need to make sure that the phone we do get is worth the money. Some may swear by Apple, Samsung, or HTC but for others, like me, it would have to be Nokia.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a Windows phone, but as I’m not a fan of Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen computer, I was slightly put off. Then I learnt that Windows 8 was designed for tablets and other touchscreen gadgets – something I hadn’t realised before. When I got the phone I was happy that the fact it was a Windows phone didn’t sway my decision. I realised it was so much easier to get a sense of how Windows 8 actually worked when being used on a device which has been designed for touchscreen use, compared to using Windows 8 on a non-touchscreen computer.

The phone was easy to personalise, as I could change the colour theme and order of the tiles with only a few clicks, and was simple to navigate.

There are so many fantastic features too, from the camera quality to the Mix Radio, which is great for discovering new music. By using your preferences, they can recommend new artists you may not have heard of. The sound quality is not disappointing, whether you’re listening to music or watching something on the web.

The phone is lightweight and can easily fit into a pocket or bag without taking up much room.

It’s perfect for you, or maybe for a child who is hankering after the latest iPhone. The Lumia 520 has all the functionality that an iPhone offers, a camera with excellent picture quality and the ability to download the latest apps, providing you or your child with the advantages of an iPhone without the expense. It’s one of great range of Pay As You Go phones on Three, meaning that you aren’t tied into a contract either, offering you a fabulous phone for a splendid price.



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