Quick and Easy Meals the Whole Family Can Enjoy

peppered steak with parsley potatoes


peppered steak with parsley potatoes


Sometimes, coming up with quick and easy meals that the whole family will love can be tricky. That’s why I thought I’d share some of my favourite, most delicious dishes that are family friendly too!


Lemon and Dill Salmon with Sweet Potato Discs

Salmon is a healthy and delicious meat to have at any point in the week. Pair it with sweet potato discs and salad, and you’ve got a delicious meal that the family will love!


1.Mix up some lemon juice, garlic, parsley, dill, tarragon, salt, pepper, and spread it evenly over your fish before cooking.


2. Chop up your sweet potato discs as thinly as possible so they cook quickly and are a nice, crispy consistency. Spray olive oil over them and season before popping in the oven for about half an hour (keep an eye on them).


3. Serve with a fresh, crunchy salad!


Peppered Fillet Steak with Parsley Potatoes

Who doesn’t love fillet steak? It’s a luxurious, filling dish that the whole family can have cooked to their own specifications.


1. Boil your potatoes and then heat some oil in a pan and sizzle them, turning occasionally until they’re crispy all over. Add garlic when they’re almost done and toss with parsley and sea salt.


2. Bring the steaks to room temperature, and rub the steaks with oil before seasoning with sea salt and black pepper. Make sure the pan is very hot before placing the steaks in, and only ever cook 2 steaks at a time to avoid ‘broiling’ rather than frying. Cook for 2 and a half minutes each side for medium rare, 3 and a half minutes for medium, and 4 and a half minutes for well done.


3. Serve with sauce and salad!


Spicy Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas are so simple, and you can just place everything in the middle of a table for the family to grab as they go along.


1. Chop up your chicken into strips or cubes, and season lightly with a packet fajita mix. Pop in a hot wok with some olive oil and continue to stir.


2. As your chicken cooks continue to add the seasoning in dribs and drabs. When the chicken is nearly cooked, add a pepper and onion to keep them crunchy.


3. Heat up your fajita wraps, and prepare the table by laying everything out with some salad, sauce, and perhaps a few sweet potato chips (cooked the same way as the discs, except chip shaped).


Lamb Burgers

Healthy burgers are an amazing and delicious meal – who needs those, unhealthy, fatty options?


1. Use your hands to mix your lamb, pepper, salt, dill, parsley, garlic, and any other spices you like.


2. Shape into balls and then squish into patty shapes, before placing in a griddle pan with some coconut oil.


3. Cook for about 4 minutes each side, and then leave the burgers to rest in their juices for a few moments before serving with a delicious fresh salad and perhaps some wholemeal buns!


I hope your family loves these delicious, healthy meals!















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