Snupps: Your stuff all in one app




If you’re a collector, or maybe you just have a lot of possessions and it’s hard to keep track of them all, Snupps will make your life so much easier by allowing you to keep a record of all your stuff in one handy app. It gives you the ability to find all you’re looking for, without having to go through your organised (or disorganised) storage boxes.

It’s simple; you take a photo of your object, and add some details. For example, you may have several appliances such as a tumble dryer, washing machine and a dishwasher, but would like to keep any receipts or warranties in one place for easy access. After all, you never know when something could go wrong! Snupps enables you to take the photo and details, and then you can organise it all onto virtual ‘shelves’.

Maybe you’re a collector of art, and would like the world to see your vast assortment. You can do this too, right from your home! By changing your settings from private to public, people can see your photos, comment, and rate them. You can even rate your own! Don’t worry though, only you are able to see certain information, it doesn’t matter if you do make it public. It can be the Pinterest for your possessions!

It’s the new social networking to interact with others who share your passions. You can choose to ‘Follow’ shelves and let people know just how much you like it by ‘Wow’-ing it.

Snupps’ ‘shelf value’ feature ensures you always know how much your items are worth.

The best part is that it’s free, and available on an iPhone, iPad and PC. You can download Snupps from their website here, and keep up with the latest Snupps happenings over on the Snupps Facebook page or with Snupps on Twitter too.
















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