Review: Exclusive Graco Booster Seat for ASDA

booster seat

booster seat

Finding a safe, reliable and inexpensive booster seat can be difficult for us. It has to be able to withstand several children and their mess over a matter of years.

Graco have a booster seat which is everything you could possibly want, and more. It’s safe, secured to the vehicle using the fitted seatbelt, and the child is also held onto the seat using the car’s belt. The law requires that a child must sit in a car seat until twelve years of age or a height of 135cm, which means you may be having to buy a new seat every couple of years at least. This chair is convenient as it can seat children between age four and twelve, saving you money and giving you knowledge that your child is safe when travelling.

It also has a simple but stylish design. It has a retractable cup holder on either side of chair, minimising spills and messes. There are armrests which you can adjust to suit the height of your child, and a padded cover which, to quote Paddy, is ‘Reaaaally comfy!’ As long as your child is between 15 and 36 kilos, this chair is perfect for them.

We were able to fit several of our middle boys into the chair comfortably (although not at the same time!), with each of them commenting on how much they liked a certain aspect of the booster seat, whether it was the style, the padded cover, or the cup holder.

You can purchase the Graco Booster Basic Black Group 3 Car Seat exclusively at ASDA, available in black and pink.



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