Planning a Wedding Abroad? Things You Must Not Forget To Do

wedding rings on beach


wedding rings on beach


If you’re planning a wedding abroad, there will be a million things going through your head per second. Because there’s so much going through your head, it can be very easy to forget important things. This guide is designed to help you organise all of the essentials, so you don’t have to stress out too much on your big day. Here we go:


Your Wedding Paperwork

You’ll need to take some important documents with you, including birth certificates, affidavits, stamped documents, translations, and other documents. If you don’t have the required documents, then your wedding won’t be legal.


Hire A Wedding Planner

This may seem like a luxury to you, but wedding planners can be a great help if you get married abroad. A great wedding planner will have knowledge of the local area, be able to speak the local language, and be able to source some great extras for you.


A Photographer and Videographer

You’ll no doubt want your special day captured on camera, so you can’t forget to organise a local photographer/videographer to do this for you. If you’re getting married in Australia, for example, there’s a great company who specialise in Melbourne wedding videography you can take a look at.


Take a Needle and Thread

You never know what might happen, so a needle and thread helps to correct any last minute wardrobe issues on the big day. This may never happen, but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.


Be Careful of Hidden Extras

You should choose a company that has clear wedding package inclusions. You need to know exactly what you’re getting for your money, and read through any contract with a fine tooth comb.


Look After Your Guests

Your wedding guests have made a lot of effort to travel to your wedding, so make sure they know their efforts are appreciated. However, at the same time you don’t want to become their own personal travel agent! Additional activities for your guests are a good idea, as they will have travelled far and may be staying for a good few days.


Embrace the Culture of the Country You’re Marrying In

If you’re marrying in Italy, for example, why not do what they do in some local towns and drive around after the wedding beeping horns and cheering? It sounds mad, but that’s what they do! You may also want some traditional dishes on your wedding menu, as well as traditional drinks. Make sure you embrace the culture of the country you’re getting married in!


Make Sure Your Wedding is Legal

Marrying abroad isn’t always a straightforward process, so you need to check the laws of the country you’re marrying in before you book a wedding. For example, in Spain you can’t be legally married unless you’ve been a resident of the country for 2 years. Make sure you’re fully aware of the country’s laws before getting married.


You May Also Need:

  • A travel iron to combat creases.

  • Clear nail varnish for ladders in tights.

  • Cooling spray.

  • A small makeup kit.

  • Headache tablets.

  • Comfortable shoes (why not ‘bling up’ a pair of flip flops?).


Oh and one last thing…your honeymoon! Don’t forget to arrange something for you and your other half to do that can be classed as your own little honeymoon, even if you are already in a foreign country. Have an amazing time!

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