The difference between boys and girls

Anna and Ollie


Anna and Ollie


As the argument over blue or pink toys should exist and whether children of both sexes should wear the same clothes continues, the difference between boys and girls became quite apparent this morning at the breakfast table.

As Mike and I shared a quick kiss and hug in the kitchen as we were preparing breakfast for the children our little audience couldn’t resist their commentary:

Paddy (aged 6) with accompanying heaving, gagging noises: ‘Eurgh! Urgh! Eww, they’re KIS-SINNNNG! Don’t look! DON’T LOOK!’

Libby (aged 2), blushing and in a sing-songy soft voice: ‘Aaah! Daddy kissed you, Mum! He’s your true love!’


*The photo shows Anna and Ollie, not Libby and Paddy. 








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