Downsizing Your Property: Tips and Tricks on Making your Home Look Larger

Home under magnifying glass


Home under magnifying glass


A lot of people nowadays are downsizing to free up the equity in their home, or because they no longer need as much room now that their little birds have flown the nest. If this is the case for you, don’t feel disheartened by the comparable lack of space. There are lots of tricks and tips to make your home seem larger inside. People inhabit the tiniest of spaces and really make the most of it. Just think outside the box and use these tricks of the trade including colour schemes, clever furniture and accessories.

One of the easiest ways to save space craftily is to use multifunctional furniture. By doing this you can immediately cut down on used floor space. There are all sorts of ideas for this kind of furniture. Some of it you could even try your hand at yourself, if you have any carpentry experience. There’s everything from a 3-in-1 seat that also has desk and storage space, to convertible sofa bunk-beds. Ikea offers a great corner sofa bed that has a wealth of hidden storage too you can see it here. Use furniture on legs wherever possible as this will show more carpet underneath, making the floor seem larger.

Speaking of flooring, this can be a simple way to connect, harmonise and lengthen floor space appearance through rooms. Engineered wood flooring which, as well as being really tough, when used throughout various rooms can create the feeling of more square footage. Choose something light for extra impact. Alternatively, use the same light carpet throughout the downstairs area for the same effect.

Often the kitchen is the trickiest area of the house to downsize. We still need the same amount of food and pots and pans and the storage for it all. That’s why it’s vital to get the most out of the space you have. Really think about every inch of the room – wall storage for utensils and spices, for instance. Use a ceiling rack to store saucepans. Get rid of those strange appliances that you received as presents that you are seriously unlikely to use – ice cream makers for instance – or sports water bottles or Tupperware with no lids. If you’re not using it, bin it. Use the space for the basics you use day-to-day.

Make the most of every nook and cranny for storage, by clearing up the clutter, you will instantly add more feeling of space in your home. Some knick knacks look nice when displayed properly, the trick is not to overcrowd every surface in the room. If you need help de-cluttering, there’s plenty of advice available – on how to creatively declutter! For instance, did you know that by turning around the coat hangers in your wardrobe and putting worn things back hung the other way, you can see which items you rarely wear and give those clothes to charity? Alternatively, get a different perspective on things and ask a friend to tell you what needs to go!

From storage furniture to built-in wardrobes, which are great for organising your clothes, shoes, accessories and other items in a neat way. Make things streamlined with some mirror doors, which also have the effect of doubling the size of the room (in the mind’s eye at least!). Using neutral colours throughout the home will help to extend the rooms. Pick a palette of light hues, with some accent colours to make it less clinical looking. Cool colours help the walls to visually recede.  There are lots of simple ways to make the most of your living space so downsizing just became fun!



















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