How to Help Your Teen Pass Their Theory Test

Woman holding ripped L plate after passing driving test


Woman holding ripped L plate after passing driving test


The theory test is one of the very first steps a person must take to passing their driving test and becoming a fully fledged driving license holder. If your teen is soon to be taking the theory test, it’s important that you support them at this time, as it can be very stressful for them. Here’s what to do to give them the best chance of passing:


Encourage them to Set Up a Revision Plan

Revising willy nilly can lead to sessions being missed and then turning up to the test unprepared. By encouraging them to set up specific days and times to revise, they can stick to this schedule and fit it around their social/school/college life too. You’ll know that they’re getting enough revision in to pass this way, just make sure that each session is no longer than an hour. If they want to revise for longer, make sure they have breaks; otherwise they could become overwhelmed and not retain the information as well!


Buy them the Appropriate Materials

Your teen is going to need a few things to make sure they pass. The two most popular learning aids are the theory test disc, and the theory test book. With the disc, you can do lots of mock theory tests as well as mock up hazard perception tests. Once they seem to know the majority of the questions on the disc, they can use the book to make sure they’ve got it all down. Once they feel confident in all of the questions, they’ll know that they’re ready to take the test.


Offer to Test Them

If your teen is getting sick of staring at a book or computer screen, you can offer to test them by asking them questions. Don’t force them to do this if they don’t want to.


Book it With Them

Choose an appropriate date/time and book the theory test with your teen. Click here to do it! They then have something to aim for and know that they have to be ready by a specific date. This will give the revision process a sense of urgency!


Provide them With Healthy Snacks

When it’s time for a break from revision, give them some healthy snacks to keep them alert. Fruit, veg, green tea, and plenty of water are all great ways to keep your teen alert and ready to learn.


Go With Them on the Day

On the day of the theory test, go with them if you can (if they haven’t asked somebody else, that is). You can be there to calm them down and encourage them with words of support. Let them know that this won’t be the end of the world.


Don’t Put Pressure on Them

You shouldn’t put pressure on your teen to pass, as this can put them off and stress them out. Be encouraging and helpful, but don’t pressurise them. They’re probably putting enough pressure on themselves as it is!


With enough revision and support, your teen should be able to pass their theory test with no issues!














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