5 Ways to Support Students in the Learning Process

Four children in the library


Four children in the library


Being a role model in learning

Children look up to their parents and take on board their attitudes. If parents approach learning with excitement and enthusiasm, the chances are high that children will too. Encouraging children in managing their time well, and creating desires to learn new things forms a strong basis for a love of learning. Take time to talk, read, study and learn together and who knows what you’ll learn too!


Monitoring their children’s academic performance

Parents should have a well-structured schedule at home that promotes a healthy learning process. For instance, parents should allocate time for homework, socialising, and dinner for their children. Creating boundaries while clarifying expectations helps to achieve a balance between learning and relaxing. Ensure children know that once the homework has been completed, their free time is all theirs. Parents should also maintain open communication with their children regarding academics. This will raise their self-esteem and create a positive attitude about learning.


Make the most of real life

Learning doesn’t just occur from textbooks. The whole world is a classroom and we all have the opportunity to learn something new from everyday occurences. For instance, when cooking, allow children to assist with weighing and measuring. If the kids talk about nothing but Minecraft, encourage them to write their own Minecraft journal or create a presentation. This will improve the students’ writing and listening skills while keeping it enjoyable and interesting for them.


Participating in school events and programs

According to custom essay writers, this strategy helps to make the students feel that their parents are part of their school and learning activities. For instance, school administrators may invite parents in gaming events, closing days, among others.


Encourage students to take charge of their learning

Parents should enable the children feel that they own their success and failures at school. Working hard will enable them to reap the rewards but remember to keep a balance between encouragement and pressure. Encourage them to set goals and targets for themselves that, when reached, are met with a reward of some sort – maybe a trip to the cinema or a new DVD.






























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