Make your World Cup family friendly

Traditional soccer ball on soccer field


Traditional soccer ball on soccer field


As the 2014 World Cup draws ever closer, you may find it hard trying to keep the whole family entertained. Traditionally a pastime for men and boys of a certain age, the beautiful game can seem a little dull for some, but here are our tips on getting all the family involved to enjoy the World Cup.


For the app fanatic

The adolescent of the family will undoubtedly own a smart phone and may treat it as another limb. This can be a nightmare for social gatherings, so if you can’t prize them away from their precious apps and get them involved in watching the game with the family, point them in the direction of where they can keep up to speed on the football 24 hours a day.


For the little ones

While your toddler may not be at the age where he or she can shout expletives over the ref’s decision at the TV, they can still dress up! Show your support for your favourite England striker by dressing your little one in a mini England kit – not only will they be the talk of the family; they’ll also be a gorgeous mascot that will make for some hilarious World Cup photo memories.


For the Michelin starred chef

Move over, Jamie Oliver – this time it’s mum or dad’s turn to cook up a storm. Having the family round to watch that all important game can be made an even more special occasion with a traditional family barbecue. Throw on a few traditional hot dogs and burgers or try to be in keeping with the theme and take a stab at some authentic Brazilian recipes – your cooking will be so good that the kids will forgotten why they’ve come over.


ChristTheRedeemer1For the culture vulture

Is your pre-teen teacher’s pet is learning all about South American culture at school? Why not point him or her in the direction of the World Cup, where he or she can learn not only about the huge economic benefits that the tourism will bring to Brazil, but also the wonders of the world, including Christ the Redeemer. Being an international event, the World Cup is a great way of engaging your children in learning about other cultures without feeling like they’re learning at all, so sit them down and tell them all about the colours of Rio while England scores its way to victory.















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