Edinburgh With The Kids

Edinburgh - Ross Fountain


Edinburgh - Ross Fountain


Next time you fancy a weekend away with the family, why not take them to Edinburgh? Its compact size makes it an ideal city to get around with the kids and there are loads of good deals available on flights and train tickets. Accommodation for all of you needn’t break the bank either – there are eleven brilliantly located low cost Travelodge hotels in Edinburgh meaning you can base yourselves in a convenient central location without compromising on comfort.


Museum of Childhood

This great museum, located in Edinburgh’s atmospheric Old Town, is choc-a-bloc with toys and games from yesteryear. Kids can discover how the children of long ago played with dolls, trains, pedal cars, balls and board games just like they do. The only difference is the kids of the past didn’t have tablets and on-demand TV! There’s also a chance to experience what it was like in a 1930s classroom – a wake-up call for anyone who complains that their teacher is too strict!



Like most cities, Edinburgh has its fair share of open spaces and in this city, they tend to be both big and beautiful. Princes Street Gardens is handily located alongside the main shopping street, so you can get away from the crowds, find a bench and enjoy the views of the castle. Holyrood Park, Inverleith Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens are brilliant places for a bit of outdoor family fun.


Our Dynamic Earth

This great family attraction, which you’ll find next to Holyrood Park, is a great choice when you want to combine a fun day out with something educational. So whether your kids want to find out more about the big bang, glaciers, prehistoric times or what it feels like in a tropical rainforest, this is the place to come. And don’t worry, they’ll be having so much fun they won’t even realise they’re being educated!


National Museum of Scotland

It’s easy to while away an entire day in this free museum set amongst university buildings in the Old Town. The beautiful airy atrium is a gorgeous kid-friendly space to take a breather before you set off to explore Ancient Egypt, the vast collection of animals including Moby, the 40ft whale skull and the great interactive Science and Technology section. The café’s pretty good too!


Edinburgh Zoo

Edinburgh Zoo hit the headlines last year for the panda pregnancy that sadly never was, but despite the lack of a cute, fluffy black and white ball of fur, there’s still plenty to delight young and old alike. Say g’day to the UK’s only koalas, Yabbra, Goonaroo and Alinga, and don’t miss the world famous Penguin Parade which happens every day at 2.15pm. Edinburgh Zoo is in Corstorphine on the Western outskirts of the city, but it’s a quick and easy bus ride. Wear comfy shoes though – it’s hilly!


So there you have it, if you plan a family trip to Edinburgh, there’s zero chance of hearing those dreaded words – ‘mum, I’m bored!’






















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